Welcome to the Rencher Family's Private Reserve

Welcome! We are happy you are home, well your cyberhome. We finally have a hosted site! No more one page sites. Now we can offer email using the rencher.org domain! If you would like to get yourself signed up for the "family" email please send a note to david@rencher.org and I am sure he will set you up... for a fee, er... a "donation." Hey, bandwidth isn't free! If you would like a rencher.org email for business we can help there too, but for that you are going have to pay!

This site can now be whatever we want--a 'virtual' scrap book of things happening in each of our lives, a place for digital storage, whatever. I know some of us were hoping for a quad-Itanium server pumping out a dozen hosted multiplayer games, but... no one put up the cash!

Let me know what you think we can do with a secure cyberplace to meet our family's needs. The possibilities are endless! Let me know if you would like to help.

If you would like your own page or space let us know and we will set you up!

Click for the truth: www.lds.org.

Come on in, sit on the sofa and make yourself at home. While you are here think about what is important. Thanks for visiting. See you again soon.

Last Modified: 05/07/04 09:21:15 PM

The music you are (or not :( ) hearing is from Michael McLean's "Sound Tracks--Original Themes from Favorite [LDS] Films"